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Color Service

All of our color services are designed to meet the individual needs of our guests. All of our formulations and techniques are customized to each client, with a finished look that is uniquely your own.

Color Refresh & Style

$55-$70 and up


Color Refresh, Cut & Style

$90-$100 and up


Full Foil Highlight

$105-$125 and up


Full Foil Highlight & Cut

$130-$150 and up


Partial Foil Highlight

$75-$95 and up


Partial Foil Highlight & Cut

$100-$120 and up


Multidimensional Foil Highlight

Add $10 per additional color


A La Carte Foiling

$8 per foil

With a color refresh $6 per foil


Corrective Color

Priced upon consultation.


The Brazilian Bond Builder

The Brazilian Bond Builder is added directly to the color before the application of color or foiling. This application will reduce breakage, Improve the overall structural integrity of the hair and helps to prolong color retention and vibrancy.

 An additional charge of $10 per treatment tube will be added to the color service.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex Treatment

-Reduces Breakage up to 80%

-Improves shine up to 37%

-Prevents color fade up to 67%

Add to any service $25 and up